Fine Art Papers

Giclée (pronounced "zhee-clay") is a term used in the artists community for a high quality, archival ink print made by a custom lab. We can make these special prints for anyone! Bring in your digital file, slide, negative, or print and let us discuss a variety of printing and display options.



             Fine Art Paper Selection May Vary - Qty Discounts Available

Other Paper Types

Metallic Pearl 

A super gloss with metallic tint.  Great for an "edgy look" or for an eye popping Black and White.

Fine Art Velvet 100% Cotton

A cold pressed cotton textured paper with an authentic feel and no glare.  Recommended for gifts, old photos, originals with texture, newsprint, documents.

Fine Art Smooth 100% Cotton

A hot pressed cotton smooth paper with a soft but sharp look, with no glare.  Recommended for anything being framed, portraits, and restorations where an authentic feel is desired

Vibrant RAG

A 100% rag cotton paper with POP..a lot of texture…gorgeous.  Blacks look like rich leather.  Recommended for outdoor portraits, competition prints, Landscapes. 


The best - classic/timeless and speaks for itself! Recommended for those who want the image stretched on pine bars, or if the original image has limited resolution. Canvas is incredibly forgiving.  We offer an affordable glossy canvas, or the amazing fine art canvas.  See more here.

Japanese Fiber Paper*

Gives an amazing depth to certain types of prints...has a soft "handmade look" surface with visible fibers.  *Special order

Exhibition Fiber*

Exhibition Fiber has been the holy grail for many photographers for years.  It is still the closest you can get to a traditional darkroom print, and has amazing d-max and color rendition capability, with just the right amount of texture. * limited sizes available are stocked

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