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Save your Slides


Got Carasouls of slides piled high - driving you up the wall?

Got Boxes of Slides collecting dust?

Got Memories you want to save from a trigger happy Dad from back in the day?


Clear Image can professionally scan your slides using the best equipment available today, at a cost that makes doing it yourself seem as silly as pickles and peanut-butter!

Digital Ice is standard except on Kodachrome.  (What is digital ice?  Well, the industry standard for dust, hair, and scratch's really that good...many high end labs charge extra for this...not us!)


See our pricing here.  Feel free to email us or call us with questions!

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I'd say for your age and your budget to get a bgidre. That is, a halfway point camera between the compact point and shoot casual cameras and more professional single lens reflex sorts. They're usually listed under regular digital cameras in stores, but sometimes people will try to put them with the SLRs to get the feeling of professional'. They're a great step up and aren't awfully hard to use. And they are much cheaper than a SLR too. The Nikon P90 would be a good one by Nikon, and I know Canon makes a few nice ones too. The big thing you can tell if they're a bgidre is they're much smaller than professionals and don't have a detachable lens.

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