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Why People Should Let Pros Print Their Photos

So you need some photo's printed, asap. Why not let the professionals do your photo printing? 

Frankly, printing photos yourself is a hassle. 

It is so much easier to get your photos printed for you. You won't have to worry about computers, ink cartridges, or paper problems. Just grab your photos on a CD, DVD, or media card, drop them off with us, and we'll take care of the rest. If you don't want to make two trips, you can even email your photos, and we'll get to work on them right away. We are also much more flexible than standard consumer printers; printing different sizes is easy for us. Just let us know what you need. Once your pictures are done, you can pick them up at your leisure. 

Personal printers don't save any money.

Printing is exorbitantly expensive on ink-jet printers. On the average desktop ink-jet it will cost about $0.35 per 4x6 photo in ink alone. Then you'll spend almost 10 cents per page on photo paper. Even if you already have an ink-jet that you use for school or work, wasting paper and ink on photos is not cost effective. Even if you use the laser printers at work, you'll still need that special photo paper. Also, unless you want to get fired, you should probably avoid printing personal photos at work. 

Quality comes with experience. 

Once you drop off or email your digital photos, you know they are in good hands. Not only will the printing crew give you great service, but you'll also get some great looking prints. They know what they're doing because printing is what they do. Supplies are ordered in bulk, so costs are lower even though the product is, in all ways, superior. In the end, why pay more in time and money for worse prints?

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