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The Importance of Looking Good

When you open a magazine or check out a company’s website, who stands out? The people who look like they just rolled out of bed or the professionals who are well-groomed and confident? No matter the reason, we as humans tend to make judgments and draw conclusions about other people, from personality to success to lifestyle choices, simply based on looks. This is especially true when judging performance in the business world: people who look put together are often regarded as better performers. Regardless of your personality, gender, race or occupation, you can only benefit from looking your best for a myriad of reasons.

Fashion and beauty products are multi-billion dollar industries for a reason: most people have an innate drive to look and feel good about themselves. This is not necessarily shallow behavior; there is an evolutionary reason behind being attracted to a good looking individual or even seeking a well-groomed accountant to do your taxes. As a species, humans are drawn to beauty from a genetic standpoint. After all, don’t you want your offspring to have the best genes possible? This way of thinking is so ingrained in human behavior that it carries over into virtually all other facets of life as well, leaving us to draw conclusions based on appearance more often than not.

Impressions In A Portrait

When it comes to portrait photography, first impressions make a huge impact. There is a distinct importance in looking good, especially when it comes to impressing clients and attracting new business. After all, when a client sees your profile on your company website or checks your professional networking page, your picture is a big part of the conclusions he or she will draw. While they might also absorb some biographical details, it is no secret that most people put as much effort into their appearance as into their work. If your portrait shows unkempt hair and a wrinkled shirt, what reason does a potential customer have to think that you will be able to keep important financial data organized or make deadlines on time?

If you don’t show a well-groomed face to the world, it will be far more difficult for other people to believe that you are an organized, efficient, trustworthy person. Even if you personally don’t feel that your self-image is terribly important, many other people think differently. For a business professional seeking expert portrait photography, image is a marketing technique. In order to sell your product or service, you have to sell yourself. To many, your exterior is a reflection of your interior, including factors like reliability, trustworthiness and proficiency in the workplace. When you go to the portrait photography studio for a headshot, no matter the reason or your specific career, do your best to look your best.

Better Your Appearance

At the end of the day, appearance really does matter. When all a client or customer can see is your picture, they must make a decision about your competence based solely on what they see. Most people associate professionalism with a well-groomed appearance, making it crucial to always look your best. The next time you have a professional picture taken by a portrait photography studio, take time and care to look the best you can. You never know who might be looking at your picture, making a decision about you based on nothing but your appearance.

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