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All About Slides and Slide Scanning

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.” - John Keats

Art is the product of mankind’s desire to preserve beauty and capture memories that may never happen again. As such, it is intended to be appreciated forever, not glanced at and forgotten!

Many people today have photographs from many years back that still hold beauty and recall memories, but don’t have them in a digital format or even as modern prints. If you have these old photos in the form of slides or such film formats, you’ll have a hard time appreciating them fully until they’ve been converted into pictures for your computer desktop or framed for hanging on your wall. But there’s no need to worry! In the following sections, I’ll guide you through a bit about slides and how you can enhance their value by converting them into quality digital photos.


What are slides anyway?


The history of slides dates back to 1907, when Lumière Autochrome first introduced color photography. By coating a thin glass plate with panchromatic emulsion coated with potato starch, he marked the beginning of color photography and probably the first time potato starch was used in technology. After years of development by a fair number of people, film became the easiest way to capture a moment for a lifetime. “Slides” is the term used for film transparencies such as those used in decades past that have been framed in a slide mount.


These pictures are examples of slides: 















But how are slides used? Typically, slides are displayed using a slide projector, such as the one in the picture at the top of the page. Obviously, this makes it difficult to appreciate slides except at very specific times when you decide to find a slide projector, cycle through your slides, and sit down to do nothing but look at pictures.

Because of this, many people decide that they would far rather have their slides in a digital format. 


Slides also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as the following, all of which can be converted into digital files:


  • 35mm slides - The picture above features this size.
  • 126 slides (28mm x 28mm in size)
  • 110 slides (13mm x 17mm in size)
  • 127 slides (46mm x 46mm in size)


Slides to digital


With the drastic changes in technology, many people are choosing to upgrade from slides to digital photos so they can easily be viewed and printed. This can be done easily for a very reasonable price while delivering quality results. By using a slide scanner, slides can be read and converted to digital formats to be viewed on your computer or phone and printed. By using technology known as Digital Ice, slides can be immaculately cleaned to give the digital file the best quality possible.


Slide scanners can scan at multiple resolutions, the standard being approximately 2000 x 3000ppi. High resolution scanning is also available, which gives you twice the detail at approximately 4000 x 6000ppi. Once scanned, files can be saved in a number of digital photo formats, including JPEG and TIFF formats.


Value and satisfaction with Clear Image slide scanning


Here at Clear Image, slide scanning is simply one our greatest fortes. Why? Well, here are a few reasons:


  • Price - Scanning slides at Clear Image is pocket change per slide, especially if you have a lot of slides to scan. This rivals online stores, plus you don’t have to worry about slides being shipped all over creation when you have it done at your local studio!
  • Picture quality - By using infrared Digital Ice technology, we give you the industry standard in slide scanning perfection. This process cleans dust, hair, and even scratches off slides before they are scanned. And while other companies often charge extra for this, we do it for no extra charge!
  • Scanner quality - Our scanner is known in the industry for delivering exceptional colors. Not only that, but it reads the  film to make sure the focus point is right on before scanning each and every slide. We take our job and your slides very seriously.
  • High resolution - For staggering results, we recommend high resolution scanning for $0.99 more per slide, which gives you twice the picture detail in each slide.


Our mission is to reanimate history and bring beauty to a whole new level by converting your slides into gorgeous digital pictures and prints. We pride ourselves in our quest for quality.


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