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Cheapened Memories

Cheapened Memories,

with permission from Kenny Randall (not written by Clear Image)

             A digital camera does not a photographer make. I have been shooting youth sports for the last decade and I am still learning. Every shoot poses different challenges, and every child requires different techniques to get a true smile. Digital photography has made my job easier, but it has also stolen a large portion of my clientele. Nowadays anyone with a few hundred bucks can go pick up a good camera, but that does not mean they know how to use it.

             Photos are our memories, their images bring the past to life and help us remember moments, events,  and even whole periods of our lives. They are the way we share our lives in the era of social media, and they are the number one thing people rescue in a fire. Photos are the history of our lives and as such should be taken with care. But one needs only scroll their Facebook page to see that this is not happening. Maybe peoples standards are getting lower, maybe as a photographer, I put to much emphasis on taking a good picture. But I would bet that anyone out there today would prefer professional work to amateur work. So why are so many people forgoing the $15 for their kids sports photos, and opting for the free one done by the team mom?

             I understand that money is tight for everyone, myself included. However, if you are going to share something with everyone, wouldn't you want it to be of the highest quality? 15 Minutes and $15 and you are all done. No eyes half closed, no dogs in the background, no out of focus pictures, no glare from the glasses, and all of it comes to you in a print, something you can hold. Not just a .jpeg on a disk.

             This is starting to sound like a sales pitch, so I will finish up. There are many things out there people can do for themselves and have it be just as good as professional work, but you have to put the time in. Taking a picture is the easiest thing in the world. Taking a good picture is one of the most difficult.

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