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EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT - AMY CONNER                                                                          

Occupation Photographer, Darkroom tech, Sales, whatever needs doing ;P I have been with Clear image going on 6 years!

Hails From  I am originally from this area. I spent a few years in northern CA and two in FL, but have called western WA home for more than 30 years. Marysville has been home for more than 15 years. 

What I love about my job  It takes a special touch to draw someone out in front of the camera. Photography is always about what you as an artist see, and I think people are amazing. I get to translate the beauty and uniqueness I see in each person I photograph for the rest of the world- and sometimes even for the subject. People tell me all the time my photographs are the best pictures they've ever had of themselves. This is not because I am the most gifted or technically capable photographer out there. I think it has more to do with the fact that I truly believe they are beautiful, and therefore that is what they show me. In such an image driven culture, it's a pleasure to make a statement about who someone is rather than just what they look like. 

Other interests and hobbies I love to create with all kinds of mediums- paint, clay, words... you name it. I also really enjoy the outdoors and hanging out with my kids. My great ambition for this summer is to earn a bunch of new freckles out in my kayak!

Proudest moment Watching my sons take a stand for what's right and good, knowing the cost, and being willing to pay it. 
When I'm not behind the camera I'm probably homeschooling my kids or yelling at them to clean something. hahaha
Favorite destinations Locally- Whidbey Island. Especially two places: The Meerkirk Rhododendron Gardens in May, and the ridge trail along Fort Ebey's coast. I could go on for days on this topic....
Best advice Seek the truth and live it. 
What makes Clear Image different?  It's always been about the people. When I first started we were so much smaller, but I'm so pleased to see that as we've grown we continue to collect awesome employees who really care about our awesome customers. I hope we never loose that local small business personal touch.






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